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【Tokyo 2020 Information】Schedule for the Tokyo 2020 Test Events. Let's experience sports of the Olympics and Paralympics!!

 The Tokyo 2020 games is going to be held next year. The results of the tickets lotterly recently has been announced. More and more people in Japan are getting excited with the coming international big event in 2020. The Tokyo Organizing Committe of the Olympic and Paralympic Games are organizng the Tokyo 2020 Test Events as reheasal for Tokyo 2020. This events are going to be held for about 50 sports in venues that are planned to be used for the Tokyo 2020 games. This is important events for not only athletes who are aiming to participate in The Tokyo 2020 games for medals, but also the organizers and operators of the games to improve thier capabilities for sucess of the games. The rehearsals also gives the pubic to exprience sports of Olympics and Paralympics by giving you opprotunities to enjoy the events. Actually, some of the events will offer you opprotunities to watch comeptititons and games even free of charge. Here is the updated schedule for the Tokyo 2020 Test Events.




What is Tokyo 2020 Test Events?

Tokyo 2020 Test Event is a dress rehearsal in order to improve capabilities for the competititison and games oepration for a success for the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo. The test events are organized by the International and National Federations and the Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee.


Olympic Stadium under construction
Tokyo 2020 Test Event Calendar

1. Modern Pentathlon "Open to the public"

Event: UIPM 2019 Pentathlon World Cup Final 

Date: 27-30 Jun. 2019

Venue: Musashino Forest Sport Plaza 

Event information: 

2. Weightlifting "NOT Open to the public"

Event: READY STEADY TOKYO - Weightlifting 

Date: 6-7 Jul. 2019 

Venue: Tokyo International Forum 

Event information:  

3. Archery "Open to the public"

Event: READY STEADY TOKYO - Archery 

Date: 12-18 Jul. 2019 

Venue: Yumenoshima Park Archery Field 

4. Surfing 

Event: READY STEADY TOKYO - Surfing 

Date: 18-21 Jul. 2019

Venue: Tsurigasaki Surfing Beach 

5. Cycling "Open to the public"

Event: READY STEADY TOKYO - Cycling (Road) 

Date: 21 Jul. 2019

Venue: Start : Musashinonomori Park, Finish : Fuji International Speedway 

6. Badminton "Ticket reservation"


Date: 23-28 Jul. 2019 

Venue: Nippon Badminton Association Musashino Forest Sport Plaza 

Event information:

Ticket inforamtion:

7. Volleyball (Beach Vollyball) "Ticket reservation"

Event: Volleyball FIVB World Tour 2019 4-star Tokyo 

Date: 24-28 Jul. 2019 

Venue: Shiokaze Park 

Event information:  

8. Rowing 

Event: 2019 World Rowing Junior Championships 

Date: 7-11 Aug. 2019 

Venue: Sea Forest Waterway 

Ticket information: 

9. Aquatics 

Event: READY STEADY TOKYO - Aquatics (Marathon Swimming) 

Date: 11 Aug. 2019 

Venue: Odaiba Marine Park 

10. Equestrian 

Event: READY STEADY TOKYO - Equestrian (Eventing) 

Date: 12-14 Aug. 2019 

Venue: Equestrian Park / Sea Forest Cross-Country  

11. Course Golf 

Event: 25th 2019 Japan Junior Golf Championship

Date: 14-16 Aug. 2019 

Venue: Kasumigaseki Country Club

12. Triathlon "Open to the public"

Events: 2019 ITU Olympic Qualification Event Tokyo Organizing Committee (Tentative), 2019 Tokyo ITU Paratriathlon World Cup Odaiba Marine Park, 2019 ITU Triathlon Mixed Relay Series Tokyo 

Date: 15-18 Aug. 2019 

Venue: Odaiba Marine Park 

Ticket information: 

13. Hockey 


Date: 17-21 Aug. 2019

Venue: Oi Hockey Stadium 

14. Sailing 

Event: READY STEADY TOKYO - Sailing 

Date: 17-22 Aug. 2019 (with pre-competition activities 15-16 Aug. 2019)

Venue: Enoshima Yacht Harbour 

15. Basketball 

Event: International Basketball Games 2019 (TBC)

Date: 20-25 Aug. 2019 (TBC) 

Venue: Saitama Super Arena 

16. Judo "Ticket reservation"

Event: World Judo Championships Tokyo 2019 

Date: 25 Aug.-1 Sep. 2019

Venue: Nippon Budokan 

Event information: 

17. Karate 

Event: 2019 Karate 1 - Premier League Tokyo 

Date: 6-8 Sep. 2019 (READY STEADY TOKYO - Karate on the following day of 2019 Karate 1 - Premier League Tokyo) (9 Sep. 2019)

Venue: Nippon Budokan 

18. Canoe 

Event: READY STEADY TOKYO - Canoe (Sprint) 

Date: 12-15 Sep. 2019

Venue: Sea Forest Waterway Athletics 

19. Marathon "Open to the public"

Event: Marathon Grand Championship 

Date: 15 Sep. 2019

Venue: Meijijingu Gaien (Start / Finish) 

Event information:  

20. Powerlifting 

Event: READY STEADY TOKYO - Powerlifting 

Date: 26-27 Sep. 2019

Venue: Tokyo International Forum 

21. Taekwondo 

Event: READY STEADY TOKYO - Taekwondo 

Date: 27-28 Sep. 2019

Venue: Makuhari Messe Hall A 

22. Goalball "Open to the public"

Event: 2019 Japan Para Goalball Championships 

Date: 28-29 Sep. 2019 

Venue: Makuhari Messe Hall C 

Event inforamtion: 

23. Wrestling 

Event: READY STEADY TOKYO - Wrestling

Date: 3-5 Oct. 2019

Venue: Makuhari Messe Hall 

24. Baseball/Softball

Event: 52nd Japan Women’s Softball League - Division 1 Section 8 in Fukushima 

Date: 5-6 Oct. 2019

Venue: Fukushima Azuma Baseball Stadium 

26. Cycling

Event: READY STEADY TOKYO - Cycling (Mountain Bike) 

Date: 6 Oct. 2019

Venue: Izu MTB Course  

27. Cycling

Event: READY STEADY TOKYO - Cycling (BMX Racing) 

Date: 12-13 Oct. 2019

Venue: Ariake Urban Sports Park 

28. Tennis 

Event: The 94th Mitsubishi All Japan Tennis Championships

Date: 23 Oct.-3 Nov. 2019

Venue: Ariake Tennis Park 

29. Canoe 

Event: READY STEADY TOKYO - Canoe (Slalom) 

Date: 25-27 Oct. 2019

Venue: Kasai Canoe Slalom Centre 

30. Table Tennis 

Event: 2019 ITTF Team World Cup 

Date: 6-10 Nov. 2019 

Venue: Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium

31. Para Badminton

Event: Japan Para-Badminton International 2019 

Date: 13-17 Nov. 2019

Venue: Yoyogi National Stadium 

32. Handball

Event: JAPAN CUP 2019 Tokyo / 71st Japan Handball Championship, Men's Division 

Date: 21-24 Nov. 2019

Venue: Yoyogi National Stadium

33. Gymnastics 


Date: 28 Nov.-1 Dec. 2019

Venue: Ariake Gymnastics Centre 

34. Fencing 

Event: Prince Takamado Trophy World Cup 

Date: 13-15 Dec. 2019 

Venue: Makuhari Messe Hall B 

35. Boccia 

Event: 2020 Japan Para Championships BOCCIA 

Date: 28 Feb.-1 Mar. 2020

Venue: Ariake Gymnastics Centre Sport 

Event information:  

36. Climbing 

Event: READY STEADY TOKYO - Sport Climbing 

Date: 6-8 Mar. 2020

Venue: Aomi Urban Sports Park 

37. Wheelchair Rugby 

Event: 2020 Japan Para Wheelchair Rugby Championships 

Date: 12-15 Mar. 2020

Venue: Yoyogi National Stadium 

Event information:  

38. Gymnastics 

Event: FIG 2020 Artistic Gymnastics All-Around World Cup Tokyo 

Date: 4-5 Apr. 2020 

Venue: Ariake Gymnastics Centre 

Event information:  

39. Gymnastics 

Event: READY STEADY TOKYO - Gymnastics (Rhythmic) 

Date: 6 Apr. 2020

Venue: Ariake Gymnastics Centre 

40. Cycling

Event: READY STEADY TOKYO - Cycling (Track) 

Date: 11-12 Apr. 2020. 

Venue: Izu Velodrome

41. Aquatics

Event:  Aquatics Test Match 

Date: 11-12 Apr. 2020.

Venue: Tatsumi Water Polo Centre  

42. Aquatics 

Event: READY STEADY TOKYO - Aquatics (Swimming) 

Date: 14-15 Apr. 2020

Venue: Tokyo Aquatics Centre 

43. Para Swimming 

Event: READY STEADY TOKYO - Para Swimming 

Date: 16 Apr. 2020 

Venue: Tokyo Aquatics Centre 

44. Shooting 

Event: READY STEADY TOKYO - Shooting 

Date: 18-25 Apr. 2020

Venue: Asaka Shooting Range 

45. Aquatics 


Date: 21-26 Apr. 2020

Venue: Tokyo Aquatics Centre 

46. Volleyball 

Event: 2020 Volleyball International Friendly Games(TBC) 

Date: 21-26 Apr.

Venue: Ariake Arena

47. Skateboarding

Event: READY STEADY TOKYO - Skateboarding

Date: 22 Apr. 2020 

Venue: Ariake Urban Sports 

48. Park Rugby 

Event: Asia Sevens Invitational 2020 (TBC) 

Date: 25-26 Apr. 2020 (or only 1day either on 25 or 26 Apr. ) 


49. Cycling 

Event: READY STEADY TOKYO - Cycling (BMX Freestyle) 

Date: Apr. 2020 (TBC)

Venue: Ariake Urban Sports Park  

50. Aquatics 


Date: 30 Apr.-3 May. 2020

Venue: Tokyo Aquatics Centre  

51. Basketball

Event: International 3x3 Basketball Games 2020(TBC) 

Date: 2-6 May. 2020 

Venue: Aomi Urban Sports Park  

52. Para Athletics 

Event: 2020 Japan Para Athletics Championships 

Date: 2-3 May. 2020 

Venue: Olympic Stadium 

53. Athletics 

Event: TOKYO Challenge Track Meet 2020 

Date: 5-6 May. 2020

Venue: Olympic Stadium

54. Football

Event: TBC

Date: TBC

Vemue: TBC


The events must be big chances to enjoy seeing atheletes' performances in the Olympic and Paralympic venues. For more inforamtion, please visit its official website @ ADC news will keep updating the schedule and post more news about the Tokyo 2020. 



Written by Yusuke Yasuda

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